Pablo V. Romero MD, PhD

Since 1978, Dr. Pablo V Romero Colomer has directed the Pulmonary Function Laboratory at the University Hospital of Bellvitge (HUB). In 1992 he became head of the Respiration Pathophysiology Unit in the Department of Pneumology and Director of the Experimental Pneumology Laboratory at the Bellvitge Institute of Biomedical Research (IDIBELL), University of Barcelona. He is currently a Senior Research Scientist at IDIBELL. From 1972 to 1974 he studied pneumology and pathophysiology in the “Service de Médécine Orienté vers l’Insuffissance Respiratoire” at Centre Hospitalier de Nancy-Brabois (Prof. Paul Sadoul). As a researcher, he was initially interested in the study of factors limiting exercise in COPD patients, and in 1978, he obtained a PhD “cum laude” on this subject from the University of Valencia (Spain) . He subsequently became interested in bronchial hyperresponsiveness (from the epidemiological, pathophysiological, therapeutical and experimental perspectives) and pulmonary mechanics (both pathophysiological and experimental). In 1988 he spent a sabbatical year as research fellow at the Meakins Christie Laboratories, McGill University of Montreal (Prof. J. Milic-Emili), where he collaborated with J. Bates, M. Ludwig and J. Fredberg. Other areas of interest in his research have been volumetric capnography and sleep apnea. During his professional life has collaborated with, often visited, and always learned from notable scientists. As Director of the Pulmonary Function Laboratory, he soon became interested in artificial intelligence and computational methods applied to functional diagnosis and he has recently been led by that interest to develop this present project.



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