InfoPFT Product Description

InfoPFT Software

Elaboration of pulmonary function test reports is a specific task for doctors in charge of Pulmonary Function Laboratories in General Hospitals or private practice. InfoPFT software helps with the production of reports by providing the basic information contained in the matrix of physiological data. This pre-report can be easily modified at the time of execution. Then, after validation, the result exported as *.PDF, *.DOC, *.RTF, *.TXT or *.XLS. InfoPFT software facilitates the reporting process, significantly shortening the time it takes to produce a report. Furthermore, it reduces the annoyance of having different output reports when different equipment is used in the same laboratory. Indeed, depending on the equipment, default report formats can be substantially different between equipment, sometimes including a large number of parameters with redundant information of low significance for clinicians and practitioners. Reports obtained from InfoPFT plot only significant parameters with detailed interpretation in a composed text, including structure-function associations when possible.

Where single equipment is used, InfoPFT can read output data directly from its output. The same happens when different devices from the same manufacturer are used, by transferring the output to a central computer. If the devices are from different manufacturers, outputs are processed by a technician module that bridges each output to a common pattern, which is transferred to the central computer for InfoPFT functional diagnostic.

InfoPFT currently produces reports in four languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Catalan, in one language or various language versions of the same report. Future developments will increase the number of languages available according to demand.

InfoPFT software is distributed in a Demo version usable for 90 days free of charge, together with an InfoTEC module adapted to text, excel-compatible or PDF outputs of the measurement apparatus. InfoTEC is able to process output data in several formats including *.txt, *.doc, *.rtf, *.xls, and *.pdf.